Terms & Conditions

Each Kitchen porter is hired for a minimum of 30 hours a week.

Less than 30 hours for any particular week will be charged 30 hours for that week.

The price per hour is the same for all shifts and days whether weekdays or weekends.

The week runs from Monday to Sunday and the customer will be invoiced weekly after the Sunday that week ends.

Payment terms are on receipt of invoice and must be paid the week they are received.

Our prices are low and don’t allow for extended credit so please make sure your cash flow can support weekly payments before engaging us.

Failure to pay invoices the week they are received will result in a  fundamental breach of contract & services will be terminated that week and at our discretion you could be liable to make payments weekly at a minimum of 30 hours a week until the 5 week contract ends.

The Customer to email time sheets every Monday for the previous week to info@kitchenporterserviceslondon.london

Failure to do this will result in us generating the missing time sheet which will apply

The price quoted per hour on our website is a firm price and includes all sickness and holiday cover required with no hidden or extra costs.

Kitchen porters are only paid for the hours worked.

We guarantee to replace any kitchen porter the customer is unhappy with the week following the request to change is made.

The initial contract with the customer is for 5 weeks after which the customer can cancel anytime after that by giving one weeks’ notice.

If  one weeks notice is  not given after the initial 5 week period then the control rolls on for another 5 weeks and so on.

The customer will provide the rota for the following week at least 2 days in advance of the start of that week.

If any changes are required during the week we will endeavour to adopt a flexible approach satisfying the changes required by the customer.

All kitchen porters work exclusively for Master Cleaners Ltd.

Any attempt to solicit any of our kitchen porters, if successful will result in legal action for damages, the measure of these damages will be 1 year’s loss of profit for that particular kitchen porter based on an average hourly weekly shift.

Where several kitchen porters are hired we can supply an onsite supervisor for a minimum of 25 hours a week at £1.50 + VAT per hour above the normal kitchen porter rate quoted on our website.

By engaging any of our kitchen porters it is implied the customer fully understands and accepts our terms & conditions.